How to Use Contrast on Black Sketchbooks?

Do you use contrast on black sketchbooks? Do you know that it's an artistic idea to make your creation dynamic and attractive?
To create a strong contrast you should apply white material or black surfaces. The most important thing is to combine well all elements together and you will definitely make a great instant contrast.

In this lesson, we will explain the methodology of applying white charcoal with a black background. And do not ignore the light factor since it can make your image more realistic and professional.

You may need some practice if you want to draw with white charcoal on black paper. Majority of us are used to work on the white background and dark material such as colors, pencils, or pens. so if we need to practice the contrasting style we have to reverse our thinking and it's not an easy process to impulse white values and leave darker values. This process is fundamental for you can deal with values and it's playing an important rule in our development as artists.

If you intend to give your drawing a surreal quality, you have to try pastels or colored pencils for you can add touches of color to your image. Use your gum and erase some small portions of the charcoal. Do not hesitate to work with your fingers to generate some mist effects.

As can be seen, the contrast process makes us understand the importance of lighter values and their connections with darker values.

I hope that this post will help you to improve your skills to reverse your shading techniques skills and always remember to buy the best black paper quality for you can apply your knowledge precisely.

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