How to Boost your Self-esteem with a Diary?

Do you need to boost your self-esteem? let me tell you how?
We all agree that writing some lines is essential to self-express thoughts, emotions, memories and personal situation happened/will certainly happen in your life.
Having a diary helps to make richer your creativity by urging your imagination. 
Whether you call it a diary or notebook, it can save lives and desperate persons which they definitely lost their reason to exist.

How do diaries help to boost self-esteem? and why should we own a diary? Let's see 5 points that will motivate you to start journaling:

1- Self-Confidence
When you write a situation in your diary, it allows your mind to explain what happened, examine the measures done and rethink again.
This kind of self-analyzing gives the ability to face doubt when you are uncertain and help to boost your self-esteem.

2- Developing intelligence 
According to Victoria University, writing has a strong correlation with IQ percentage.
If you write, you will be obliged to look for new vocabularies. which is important to measure your linguistic level.

3- Journaling Heals
Who can imagine that expressive writing is a way to heal emotions and body. how?
Stress is a result of emotional blockage since you overthink and it becomes almost impossible to express yourself.
When you turn your situation into written words, you release all your stress and the experience becomes perceivable.

4- Reaching objectives
When you have a diary you include on it all your dreams and ambitions. These positive thoughts are playing the role of catalyst to your brain to keep yourself motivated within hard moments.

5- Expanding Consciousness and Understanding
Scientists confirm the relationship between the hand and brain.
Words were written are influencing ideas, and your mind will compose your thoughts while journaling. This increases your mindfulness and you become more cognitive.

Do you have a diary? and did it help you to boost your self-esteem? let us know for we can review our 5 points.

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