How Coloring Books help to Control Anger?

Do coloring books control anger? is that real? let us discover the truth.
Nowadays they are no longer dedicated to kids. they become a therapeutic methodology based on art to handle issues, develop the personality, relieve stress, explore feelings, and especially increase self-esteem.

however, we can not consider this therapy as complete since we need a client and therapist first. contrary to the coloring books we have only one side. 
Despite the evidence that coloring books and therapy aren't quite the same practice but I always heard that The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls. (Pablo Picasso). This is why I tried a funny experience with my wife to see if this half-done therapy through color has benefits or it's just some marketing lies used on us.

I asked her to print some ready mandala books (art coloring books), we bought good crayons and she started coloring during our free working time and my mission was resumed to note all changes that can happen to her step by step since we are working in the same workplace.

If you want to know the experience result, you should definitely understand my wife's character first for you can compare.
From a stressed, nervous person who is waiting the evening to quit work to someone who forgets time and asking me to wait till she ends coloring her drawings. now she is not losing her temper anymore, it's like she can control her anger and translate it into colors.

Coloring books are like meditation, they also allow us to ripe out the negative thoughts and focus only on the moment. and improve coloring skills and creativity (I can confirm this because we are designers and I found that her imagination became richer
than before)

Coloring books control anger if only if the psychological issue is not that serious such as stress and boredom.

I have a cute Gift for you, you can print the art eBook that I used in my experience.

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