Should i Spy my Daughter's Notebook?

Should I spy my daughter's notebook? because I'm really tired to see pedophilia crimes and sexual harassment scenes in front of my eyes?
although I'm afraid to be caught doing this, and I will definitely lose her trust since it's hard for a 13 years old to understand my real intention. we moms want to protect our kids whatever the way if we feel insecure.
I decided to search her stuff and see what's in her bag, maybe I'll find something. 

I'm really worried and curious to know who is talking to till midnight in social media.

This is the best time, no one at home, she went out with her BFF to the swimming pole.
We all know teenagers do not get along with their parents at this age, they consider us as parasites who want to penetrate their private space. we were not welcome in their room, even for the cleaning.

What did I find out???
nothing special except her diary, which I was 
desperately looking for in recent weeks (lucky day hein :D).
As a mom, a need to know my daughter's network, since she is probably resuming what she is doing on Facebook in everyday.

So I opened her diary and tried to read each resume from the moment when i start doubting. and i focused on all names and details, since I know most of her classmates.
and thanks god she was only talking to her friends about her rebellious days. with some little secrets that i can not share with you dears.

some parents say if we educate our kid correctly we will never suspect his/her decisions and behaviors.

I think there is a significant difference between believing in your kid and believing in society. and do not tell me that all victims of pedophilia have not been properly educated ???

To conclude, I think that every mom can Spy her daughter's notebook in an unnoticed way, and especially when you feel a potential danger. follow your instinct and you gonna never regret.

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By: A mother who loves her precious daughter