How can Sticky Notes Help Alzheimer's Patients?

How can sticky notes help Alzheimer's patients? Let's see some ideas through this article.
Living with Alzheimer's disease is hard, some people committed suicide act because they have lost hope.

Imagine when you start losing your way home, your full name, your siblings' names and communicating with people becomes a reel difficult task.

I asked myself, how can we help them partially to live easier? Is there any simple way?
Sticky notes are advised to patients for they can improve their lives naturally and give a positive push to keep struggling and doing what they have to care out daily.
It is advised that people with Alzheimer's illness have a book in which they register necessary data, such as phone numbers, meds, maps to go back home, thoughts, and some papers with families' photos with names and details, everything should be well organized.

Use sticky notes on your mobile back. and mark all the important numbers that you will potentially need, and what are the latest activities done.

Hold only a separate pro notebook to check bank accounts, passwords, and all funds you need, and give this book to someone that you really trust, for he can handle everything.

In the kitchen, all spices should be described, put stickers or sticky notes everywhere, dispatch your memories all over your house and make sure to not leave a corner empty.

Try to create agreeable conditions at home, listen to relaxing music that adds sounds like beach waves. stick some motivational Images, yes they work better than words.

To resume Sticky notes help Alzheimer's patients, but the family coordination is necessary to obtain the result wished.

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Do you know someone who is suffering from Alzheimer? What did you try as help? Did it work? Try to share and comment maybe we can help someone. trying is better than nothing. 

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  1. This is very creative and helpful. I don't know anyone personally but I would definitely use this post!

    1. Yes, Thank you, it will be helpful if we share this post with them.

  2. What a wonderful idea to use sticky notes to remind oneself of what needs to get done! I bet it simplifies life when you write down only whats TRULY important. In addition to sticky notes, I've also used a recorder as a reminder tool <3

    1. I think reminder can be a useful tool as well ^^
      Thank you.

  3. What a great idea! This would really help my nan 💗


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